Our Products
Telti Spa produces magnetic, level and position sensors, flow switches, floats of different shapes and sizes and molding of technical items with high quality polymers exclusively for our customers.
All of our products are the result of our 30 years of experience and the specific needs of our customers. The company also accepts orders by third parties, according to the available equipment.
Our Commitment
Telti caters to all industrial and artisan sectors that need to buy material goods, components, and sub-contracting typically mechanical parts.

Today, many manufacturing companies are facing a crossroads between “to do" and “not to do" because the initial costs of the project are too high or because some products are no longer profitable. Telti seeks to offer the possibility of "doing" by giving the opportunity to embark on a new project at a low cost or rethink an existing product to make it more economically competitive. 
stampaggio di materie plastiche
Our Services
We offer our clients highly technical know-how in all areas of expertise. We will never say to a customer “anything can be made” if we are not sure on the best solution to achieve such result. The technical / quality aspect of the product is our main focus among the many evaluations that each new project requires. First we evaluate the feasibility and the ability to fully comply with specific requests, then the purely commercial aspect. This is why Telti uses only the best materials in their respective sectors, in order to provide a product free of dimensional and functional issues.

Schematically, we can summarise what Telti offers in the following terms:

●  Technical evaluation of the design or discussion of the feasability of a project or an idea.
●  Drafting of the budget (costs, delivery time, terms of delivery)
●  Direct management of orders
●  Monitoring the progress of the order
●  Further checks on the input material, before the final delivery

macchine e attrezzature per lo stampaggio delle materie plastiche
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