Solutions with high technical preparation

Production of floats, tilting, cylindrical floats, position floats

Production of floats, tilting, cylindrical floats, position floats

Customers are turning to Telti Spa, which is based in the province of Lucca in Tuscany, they can take advantage of a partner who offers premium services by a company capable of ensuring very high technical knowledge in all fields of competence. We specialise in plastics processing, we deal with many services, including: float production, production of tilting floats, production of cylindrical floats, production of position floats, production of position floats for sensors, technical evaluation of design.

We carefully assess the client’s request and offer you the best solution to meet those needs, without wasting time, with competence and reliability. The technical and qualitative aspects of the product are always kept in the forefront during the necessary evaluations that every new project requires. We evaluate the viability of a product and we react to fully satisfy the required specifications, in all respects including functional, technical and commercial.

Advanced services

From design to delivery of the mould

Telti Spa is a point of reference regarding the injection moulding of technical parts with quality thermoplastic materials, this includes the supply of steel moulds for plastic technical parts as well as the creation of level and position sensors for liquids. We offer a range of advanced services, which can include design, which is carried out for different sectors: paper making, refrigeration, electronics, electrical engineering, railways.
Our working approach covers every need, from design to the making of the mould, and schematically follows these steps: technical evaluation of the design, or discussion on the feasibility of a project or an idea; quotation formulation (with indication of costs, delivery times and terms of delivery); direct management of orders; continuous supervision on the progress of the job; careful checks on incoming material before final delivery.
  • Opportunity to supply a made-to-measure mould for technical parts
  • Injection moulding
  • Liquid level and position sensors
  • Plastics moulding
  • Rubber moulding
  • Sensors
  • Technical parts
  • Moulds for plastic materials
  • Mould design for plastic products
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