Products and processing

We have been active for many years in the field of injection moulding of technical parts.

We produce magnetic level and position sensors, flow switches, floats of different shapes and sizes, we deal in the moulding of technical parts with quality polymers based on the specific needs of each client. Our products are the result of a professional expertise gained and honed over decades.

Telti Spa always keeps abreast of changes in the target market to ensure optimised products and to keep costs down. We also accept orders on behalf of third parties, which we estimate based on production requirements.

We work to make our customers competitive

Moulds for plastics and rubber materials, moulds for plastic technical parts

Telti Spa offers a wide range of manufacturing – which includes the moulding of plastic and rubber materials, in plastic and more – also with the aim of supporting industrial companies and craftsmen who need goods, components and, subcontracting in general of a mechanical nature. We want to grow by helping the customers who rely on us to grow.

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