About us

Telti Spa

Plastics processing, injection moulding of technical parts

Plastics processing, injection moulding of technical parts

Telti Spa is headquartered in Capannori, province of Lucca in Tuscany and is a company specialising in the injection moulding of quality technical parts in thermoplastic materials. The company has been in business since 1980 and is responsible for the production of plastic injection moulding with highly reputable results, with a production cycle guaranteeing reliability and quality.

Telti Spa offers the customer a particularly high technical know-how in the production of technical parts in plastic materials in all areas of competence. The customer will deal with a serious partner who is professional and who will attentively study and propose the best solution and then achieve it. For more information please contact the company on 0583 94342 or by email.

The Mission

Optimised processes, quality, cost, competitiveness

We work with commitment, passion, seriousness and professionalism. At Telti Spa we work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our customers’ needs based on a corporate philosophy that focuses on the ability to listen to your needs and to provide you with the best possible solution using the advanced techniques that we have developed.

We want our clients to benefit from the opportunities offered by the fact that we can optimise the processing of plastic materials and ensure quality moulded products and high-tech solutions but always at a low cost. This allows us to help customers to be competitive in the global market.
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